This is how Avakovs freedom looks










This is some of the persons who got to experience the freedom Avakov have in mind for Ukraine, help them get justice. Spread the word about this to the world!


The Berkut attack!

On the 12th of April De frivilliga were travelling together with C14, Never Again and Ultras from Dynamo Kyiv to the march of Єdnosti, the march of Єdnosti is a peaceful demonstration for a united Ukraine held in the Kharkiv area. But the trip to Kharkiv ended badly for all of us, Berkut and Avakov had decided to stop us once and for all.

After two hours we reached the first police checkpoint and all was ok and we where allowed to continue our travel since, a couple of hours later we all reached the city of Poltava, famous for the defeat of King Karl XII, nothing out of the ordinary was seen until, we reached another police checkpoint, at that checkpoint we could see hundreds of policemen, armoured vehicles and mobile prisons. At first we didn’t think much about it since the first police passed us by, but the second police pulled us over and that was when all hell broke lose.

30 men all dressed in black using balaclavas and all carrying AK47 were running toward us from their hiding spots and the police who have been pulling us over were running for his life into safety. We could see how the windows in the minivan ahead of us where smashed and the men dressed in black were dragging our friends out of the car, all during weapons were pointed at them. Now we realized that something was very wrong and suddenly the door to our minivan was opened and 20 men dressed in black were screaming and pointing their AK47:s at us. All of us were taken out of the minivan during beatings and a lot of shouting in Russian, once out of the van and on the ground the beating continued.

Our faces were pinned to ground at first, since the men all dressed in black was standing on our backs and in some cases they where standing with one foot on our heads pressing it in the ground. While we were lying on the ground some of them started to “explain” the situation, those who didn’t understand got a translation from their boots. The men all dressed in black were recognized as “Falcon” even thou some of them were using old Berkut uniforms. The men was very clear about that we all would die for what we had done during the Maidan, next thing we are told is that we are Ukrainian terrorists who will be shoot and left for dead in the ditch. All of this during a lot of kicking and punching. Searching us for weapons wasn’t so important at first, and not later either because the police was to busy searching for valuables such as cellphones and money.

One of our friends Sergiy Bondar was exceptionally badly beaten because he dared to tell the Berkuts to stop. They lunged at him like a pack of wild dogs, screaming in rage and kicked him in his head, those who couldn’t reach him with their feet used the rifle stock to hit his face. It later turned out that the Berkuts wanted to kill him but one of the officer stopped the beating just in time, at this moment Sergiy is still at the hospital for his severe facial damage.

They lunged at him like a pack of wild dogs, screaming in rage.
Markiyan – aktivist from C14

Oleksander, co-founder of the center De frivilliga tells us that he never thought it was policemen at first because the police shouldnt be allowed to act as criminals, his thought were that the men dressed in black and later identified as ex Berkut and elite police “Falcon” actually were Russian separatists who were sent there to kill us.

When all of us were beaten and robbed of our valuables, the beating suddenly stopped and we where taken to another place a couple hundreds of meter away, there we where once again thrown into the ground and some of us got more beatings but not nearly as much as we got from the “Falcon” elite police. What ever valuables we had left these policemen stole from us, but it wasn’t much since the other bastards had already stolen most of our things, the Poltava police had to settle with our belts and empty wallets. Then suddenly everything goes quickly, all the interrogations stop and we are thrown into the mobile jails, during very little violence to our surprise. In the mobile jail we all got some time to breath even thou it was very crowded in the cell, one cell which was meant for one prisoner was instead holding three prisoners. One guy who is still unknown to us, asked the police from Poltava district – “Where are we going?”  The young policeman looked into the mobile jail with sad eyes and answered -“I dont know, but I hope you dont get taken to Kharkiv, because you will all die there.” He then took a look at us with his sad eyes, sighed and walked away.

I dont know, but I hope you dont get taken to Kharkiv, because you will all die there.
Young police – Poltava police

For 5 hours none of us know what would happen to us, would they drive us to Kharkiv to murder us? The 2 hour drive in the mobile jail was a mental torture for all of us, even thou we tried to keep our mood up with laughter, but they were all fake and you could almost touch the air in there. The mobile jail stopped and all of us were taken out of it with some rough methods but it was all worth it, because we could now see that we where in Poltava and there was also our friends. We could see our friends alive even thou they had some bad bruises and there we could see a bus waiting for us – our ticket to freedom! The trip to Kyiv was probably one of the best trip we ever had, even thou many of us were beaten we all smiled at each other and out of the blue we all started to sing the Ukrainian national anthem. And from that point we all knew that it would end good.

All together 50 of us got beaten and robbed by the so called elite police “Falcon” and former Berkut, 4 of us had to stay several days in the hospital and 1 of our friends is still in the hospital. For those crimes committed against us and against the freedom of Ukraine we have decided to legally fight Avakov and the corrupted police. Our fight against Avakov and his corrupted police started once we got to the hospital and have not yet ended, so far we have won a small victory when the department of internal affairs admitted that they had acted wrongly against us. But that is not enough, this time Avakov and the police must stand trail for their crimes – This ends now!

Will Avakov take responsibility for broken ribs, broken knees and faces of our friends, we dont think so, but we will never forget it and we will never forgive him.
Mikael – Co-founder of the center De frivilliga




The attack on our center

Yesterday the 9th of April, our headquarters was sieged and an attack from the police was planned. Orders from the criminal Avakov where to shoot if resistance was shown, but the police in charge refused to follow that order.

I saw the police while walking home from the store, I runed toward our center to warn my friends there. When I reached the gates the police was about to surround me and and woman on her way to lunch. I grabbed the scared woman and offered here safety behind our steel gates, she greatly accepted my offer.
Oleksander, Co-founder of center

When the activist where aware of the police they started to reinforce their headquarters and refusing the police entrance. There was over 200 policemen at the scene and all without markings and they where all armed with AK-47, they blocked the entire neighborhood and all roads leading in to the headquarters. A closer look at the policemen showed that some of them belonged to the former elit riot police Berkut. This is not a good sign, since many of the former Berkut are under suspicion of crimes against demonstrators of Maidan.

Our center and our partners called out for help from other nationalist of Kiev and all who could help us in this time of need, a couple of hundreds showed up for support and gave us the necessary time to start negation with the police with the help from two deputies of nationalistic party Svoboda. During all of this our partner at the center, Sich (C14), held two spontaneous speeches from one of the balconies facing the supporters.

After the speeches and negotiations, activists started to move all the documents containing evidence of government corruption, police crimes and gangsters within the high society of Ukraine, from ”Never Again” areas at the center, this was one of the demands the police didn’t agree on at first, but police had no choice but to agree, otherwise we would continue to occupy the building no matter the cost.

When all the documents where transported into safety, we continued to move the equipment of Sich (C14) and the ”De frivilliga”, soon all our equipment where moved and we started to plan our exit from the headquarters. It went smoothly even if police wanted to arrest us all and question us about what we where doing at the center. No activists where hurt during the siege but we suspect that the criminal Avakovs big ego was hurt quite a lot.

I would like to ask the criminal Avakov; Why do you attack us but NOT Russian separatists in Luhansk? Does it mean our work is a bigger threat?
Mikael, Co-founder of center

Shortly after the activist left the headquarters, FSB (Russian security service) and members of the communist party entered the building, during that time a fire started, this action is being blamed on nationalists, but we within the ”De frivilliga” believe that communist together with FSB did it as a part of their propaganda plan. The communists never wanted their headquarters back, but they wanted nationalists dead and they wanted to destroy national politics in Ukraine by not voting. First the communist made a promise not to vote until they got their former headquarters back, when they got the headquarters back to put it on fire and found another reason not to vote, now they will not vote until the police arrest the nationalist who burned their headquarters down. Problem is, no nationalist burned it down, so the communist can continue to destroy Ukrainian national politics for as long as they want.

Our work with the center ”De frivilliga” will continue as normal with one exception we don’t have an center at the moment, but we will have a new one as soon as possible. If you want to help us, we would be more then grateful, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at the contact link. Any help you can give will help a lot.

This post will be further updated with pictures and videos when our internet connection gets better.

Statement of intent

Due to the lastest development in the cities of eastern Ukraine, the international center of nationalism “De frivilliga” have decided to leave a statement of intent.

Our center can’t silently watch as Russian provocateurs continue to cause havoc in the eastern parts of Ukraine, more specifically in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. Therefor we have decided that we will act together with our partner C14 (Sich), to do what is necessary to calm the situation in these parts of Ukraine.

Together with C14 (Sich) and other nationalists of Ukraine we are have made an agreement of friendship and will go together to the eastern Ukraine. Here is a link to the statement, for our European readers we suggest that you use google translate since the text is on Ukrainian.

The background to this decision is that pro-russian provocateurs took these three earlier mentioned cities and immediately started to attack Ukrainian citizens, the state did nothing for more then 24 hours. And that is why the provocateurs still have control over Luhansk and Donetsk, we as a nationalistic group can never accept this, Ukraine can never be free as long as Russian provocateurs are allowed to run freely in our cities.

The center co-founder Oleksander says;

I would like to thank the nationalists of my hometown Kharkiv for forming selfdefense groups who have been fighting for order ever since the havoc started. Now let us work together to stop this – once and for all!


Provocations in eastern Ukraine

Pro-russian demonstrators existing mainly of Russian citizens and former Ukrainian berkut have caused a lot of disturbance in the cities of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. During the evening of 6th of April the demonstrators captured the state buildings in Kharkiv and Donetsk and the headquarter of SBU in Luhansk. SBU is the Ukrainian security service and in charge of counterintelligence activity and combatting terrorism. At the moment the police in the three mentioned cities are dived into to camp, loyal to Ukraine- or Russia, but the main force of the police are still loyal to Ukraine.

All evidence is pointing toward that this is an russian secret service operation similar to the one we saw in Crimea and this exact operation was performed in these cities during the revolution and even though pro-russian provocateurs where arrested no formal accusations where made. The goal of this operation is the same as in Crimea, meaning the provocateurs wants to create instability and “threats” toward Russian citizens of Ukraine, so Putin can motivate a military campaign to save Russians in Ukraine.

Our partners at the center, part 1


We will now give a presentation of the partners we have here at the center.

C14 (Sich)

C14 or Sich means military center, and if you break down the C14 into words it spells Sich, and we will explain how. C is S in Ukrainian, 1 can be read like i and 4 like ch, forming the word Sich.

C14 is a nationalistic organisation. C14 as an organisation was founded in 2010 and have been growing in numbers ever since. The leader of C14 is Eugen Karas also known as “Vortex”.

Ever since the start of C14 they have fought for a better society in a corrupted Ukraine, where anyone and anything could be bought for money. That struggle for a better and free Ukraine, led C14 into fighting corrupted land lords, who destroyed families and the old Ukrainian architecture in their hunt for quick and dirty money. C14 also fought against corrupted construction companies who illegally was trying to build houses in parks and other protected areas in Ukraine but Kyiv in particular.

During the struggles of Maidan, C14 took a big role in the fighting and formed the 2nd Sotnya of Svyatoslav the Brave. A Sotnya can be described as a fighting group and it can contain up to a 100 men before it transform into another Sotnya. Many of the members of C14 was hurt and they lost friends to the murders of Berkut. The berkut was the Ukrainian special riot police, they where disbanded after the revolution, due to their extreme violence and crimes to the demonstrators of Maidan.

 C14 have their headquarters located in communist party former headquarters, who where abandoned during the violent revolution in Kyiv. As of now communist party of Ukraine is fighting C14 to get its former headquarters back after months of occupation, the means the communist are using is not voting in the Rada (Ukrainian parlament), threatening C14 with violence and finally to strike a deal with Avakov (Minister of Internal affairs) and with some of the parlamentmembers of EU-parlament. So far all the efforts of the communist party have failed and C14 stands strong in their new headquarters.

Other then fighting corruption and criminal berkuts in Maidan, C14 is now in the process of formning a private security company.

Defending Rada

March for Ukrainian insurgent army

In court

Fighting at maidan Epicenter corruption

Welcome to our center

After more then three weeks of planing, we have finally decided to open up our home to the nationalists with European heritage. In this first blog post we will try to introduce you to our center and those who we work together with, so please follow us as we walk through the gates to “De frivilliga” compound.

This is what you will see at first, don’t forget to use the bell, so we can let you in and welcome you to our home.

Gates of Freedom

Gates of Freedom

When your passed the first two gates you will now be in our inner yard, a place for both relaxing and exercises.

Inner yard

Inner yard

Once inside you will pass the guard booth and you will see our daily meeting hall, on the wall you will see our schedule and announcement board.

First floor

First floor

On second floor we have our living quarters, they are dived on to fours separate buildings.

Second floor corridor

Second floor corridor

Room for Oleksander - Co-founder of the center

Room for Oleksander – Co-founder of the center






On third floor we have showers, but I think you all know how a shower looks so we will skip that picture for now and move on to the fourth floor where we hold all our lectures and some of our practical lectures as well. On the wall you will find an old left over from the communist party – Lenin, we made him into an nationalist, look close at his left arm. And the two flags on the wall represents Ukrainian state flag and Ukrainian nationalist flag.

Fourth floor

Fourth floor

Fourth floor

Fourth floor








Now when you have seen our center “De frivilliga” we would like to go and tell you about what we do.

A normal day starts with getting up at 07:00, then you get 30 minutes to clean yourself up before you go off to fourth floor for knife fighting with Oleksander, the exercise will go until 09:00. Then we have breakfast, normally its Ukrainian oatmeal and tea, and of course our breakfast is served by the prettiest girls in Ukraine. After our breakfast we go to first floor for practical or theoretical lecture by co-founder Mikael Skillt, one example of such a lecture is “how to survive in extreme situations”.

When the practical or theoretical lecture has ended, we get our lunch served by the pretty girls, after lunch we have some spare time for ourself. At 15:00 we exercise our bodies for 30 minutes, after that we are free to do what we want until 19:00 when another lecture will start often from some of our partners from outside the center. After the lectures are finished we are once again have some spare time, before we go to bed.

But you should know, that this schedule could be broken at any time, we work close together with the organisation “Never again”, and we will always help them when they are fighting government corruption.