The attack on our center

Yesterday the 9th of April, our headquarters was sieged and an attack from the police was planned. Orders from the criminal Avakov where to shoot if resistance was shown, but the police in charge refused to follow that order.

I saw the police while walking home from the store, I runed toward our center to warn my friends there. When I reached the gates the police was about to surround me and and woman on her way to lunch. I grabbed the scared woman and offered here safety behind our steel gates, she greatly accepted my offer.
Oleksander, Co-founder of center

When the activist where aware of the police they started to reinforce their headquarters and refusing the police entrance. There was over 200 policemen at the scene and all without markings and they where all armed with AK-47, they blocked the entire neighborhood and all roads leading in to the headquarters. A closer look at the policemen showed that some of them belonged to the former elit riot police Berkut. This is not a good sign, since many of the former Berkut are under suspicion of crimes against demonstrators of Maidan.

Our center and our partners called out for help from other nationalist of Kiev and all who could help us in this time of need, a couple of hundreds showed up for support and gave us the necessary time to start negation with the police with the help from two deputies of nationalistic party Svoboda. During all of this our partner at the center, Sich (C14), held two spontaneous speeches from one of the balconies facing the supporters.

After the speeches and negotiations, activists started to move all the documents containing evidence of government corruption, police crimes and gangsters within the high society of Ukraine, from ”Never Again” areas at the center, this was one of the demands the police didn’t agree on at first, but police had no choice but to agree, otherwise we would continue to occupy the building no matter the cost.

When all the documents where transported into safety, we continued to move the equipment of Sich (C14) and the ”De frivilliga”, soon all our equipment where moved and we started to plan our exit from the headquarters. It went smoothly even if police wanted to arrest us all and question us about what we where doing at the center. No activists where hurt during the siege but we suspect that the criminal Avakovs big ego was hurt quite a lot.

I would like to ask the criminal Avakov; Why do you attack us but NOT Russian separatists in Luhansk? Does it mean our work is a bigger threat?
Mikael, Co-founder of center

Shortly after the activist left the headquarters, FSB (Russian security service) and members of the communist party entered the building, during that time a fire started, this action is being blamed on nationalists, but we within the ”De frivilliga” believe that communist together with FSB did it as a part of their propaganda plan. The communists never wanted their headquarters back, but they wanted nationalists dead and they wanted to destroy national politics in Ukraine by not voting. First the communist made a promise not to vote until they got their former headquarters back, when they got the headquarters back to put it on fire and found another reason not to vote, now they will not vote until the police arrest the nationalist who burned their headquarters down. Problem is, no nationalist burned it down, so the communist can continue to destroy Ukrainian national politics for as long as they want.

Our work with the center ”De frivilliga” will continue as normal with one exception we don’t have an center at the moment, but we will have a new one as soon as possible. If you want to help us, we would be more then grateful, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at the contact link. Any help you can give will help a lot.

This post will be further updated with pictures and videos when our internet connection gets better.


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