Statement of intent

Due to the lastest development in the cities of eastern Ukraine, the international center of nationalism “De frivilliga” have decided to leave a statement of intent.

Our center can’t silently watch as Russian provocateurs continue to cause havoc in the eastern parts of Ukraine, more specifically in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. Therefor we have decided that we will act together with our partner C14 (Sich), to do what is necessary to calm the situation in these parts of Ukraine.

Together with C14 (Sich) and other nationalists of Ukraine we are have made an agreement of friendship and will go together to the eastern Ukraine. Here is a link to the statement, for our European readers we suggest that you use google translate since the text is on Ukrainian.

The background to this decision is that pro-russian provocateurs took these three earlier mentioned cities and immediately started to attack Ukrainian citizens, the state did nothing for more then 24 hours. And that is why the provocateurs still have control over Luhansk and Donetsk, we as a nationalistic group can never accept this, Ukraine can never be free as long as Russian provocateurs are allowed to run freely in our cities.

The center co-founder Oleksander says;

I would like to thank the nationalists of my hometown Kharkiv for forming selfdefense groups who have been fighting for order ever since the havoc started. Now let us work together to stop this – once and for all!



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