Our partners at the center, part 1


We will now give a presentation of the partners we have here at the center.

C14 (Sich)

C14 or Sich means military center, and if you break down the C14 into words it spells Sich, and we will explain how. C is S in Ukrainian, 1 can be read like i and 4 like ch, forming the word Sich.

C14 is a nationalistic organisation. C14 as an organisation was founded in 2010 and have been growing in numbers ever since. The leader of C14 is Eugen Karas also known as “Vortex”.

Ever since the start of C14 they have fought for a better society in a corrupted Ukraine, where anyone and anything could be bought for money. That struggle for a better and free Ukraine, led C14 into fighting corrupted land lords, who destroyed families and the old Ukrainian architecture in their hunt for quick and dirty money. C14 also fought against corrupted construction companies who illegally was trying to build houses in parks and other protected areas in Ukraine but Kyiv in particular.

During the struggles of Maidan, C14 took a big role in the fighting and formed the 2nd Sotnya of Svyatoslav the Brave. A Sotnya can be described as a fighting group and it can contain up to a 100 men before it transform into another Sotnya. Many of the members of C14 was hurt and they lost friends to the murders of Berkut. The berkut was the Ukrainian special riot police, they where disbanded after the revolution, due to their extreme violence and crimes to the demonstrators of Maidan.

 C14 have their headquarters located in communist party former headquarters, who where abandoned during the violent revolution in Kyiv. As of now communist party of Ukraine is fighting C14 to get its former headquarters back after months of occupation, the means the communist are using is not voting in the Rada (Ukrainian parlament), threatening C14 with violence and finally to strike a deal with Avakov (Minister of Internal affairs) and with some of the parlamentmembers of EU-parlament. So far all the efforts of the communist party have failed and C14 stands strong in their new headquarters.

Other then fighting corruption and criminal berkuts in Maidan, C14 is now in the process of formning a private security company.

Defending Rada

March for Ukrainian insurgent army

In court

Fighting at maidan Epicenter corruption


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